If you are an individual seeking insurance coverage or a company with business insurance or employee benefits needs, we have answers for you. Our dedicated staff provides full customer support from ongoing benefit education, to claims resolution and creative cost cutting measures. We offer all of our clients 24 hour a day, 7 day a week access to policy information and forms through a comprehensive online benefits management portal.

Customized Proposals

At Terrance Insurance, we provide you with an insurance or benefits proposal tailored to meet your individual needs. Our programs meet our client’s need so well because, with your input, we do a thorough analysis which includes personal or company goals, budget constraints, current plan designs and complete options for coverage. In addition, we take a multi-year view of benefits which is designed to help you meet the long-term goals of your family or company. This strong strategic planning approach means we are available to you any time you wish to review your current plan. We are in contact at least annually to assess how the plan is working and make changes to adjust to your needs.


At Terrance Insurance, we leverage technology to help educate employees and reduce the workload for you and your benefit personnel. We offer you a complete line of employee benefit technology, including client resource portals, employee portals, group benefits claims analysis, and pharmacy discount programs. This portal includes access to legislative updates, benchmarking data, and other articles on benefits. MyWave is an Internet-based client center that provides you real-time access to Terrance Insurance products and services. HR Connection is an easy-to-use employee website where your employees can access custom company and employee benefits information. All these portals are available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.