Technology For Employees

HRconnection is the most powerful HR communication system available, featuring more ways to educate you and empower your employees than any other site of its kind. It is an easy-to-use employee website that serves as a custom company information and employee benefits expert. For employees, it provides 24-hour access to company and benefits information from any computer with Internet access. For employers and human resources personnel, HRconnection increases productivity and costs savings by providing employee self-service HR option and improving employee communication efforts.

HRconnection Helps Employers…

  • Communicate with employees and solve human resources challenges
  • Improve employee satisfaction
  • Save money!

HRconnection Helps Employees…

  • Instantly access up-to-date company and benefits information and useful forms
  • Connect to comprehensive human resources information 24-hours-aday,7-days-a-week
  • Learn about career growth opportunities, job postings, and training programs
  • Obtain real time answers to frequently asked questions
  • Enroll online

HRconnection Helps Human Resources…

  • Efficiently showcase benefit programs to employees and their families
  • Communicate important company information to all employees in a consistent, timely, and useful manner
  • Attract and retain valued employees by portraying a high-quality image