Individual Services

Our lives are overly busy. Researching, reviewing and asking questions about insurance services is time consuming.  The details of coverage often require an expert to translate—that’s us. We help each individual find the right policy for them and their families by doing the research for you, presenting you with alternatives and explaining all the details.

Terrance Insurance will provide you with a side-by-side plan benefits and price comparisons drawn from a variety of insurance carriers for Medicare Supplements, Part D Prescription Drug plans and Long Term Care policies.

If you plan to travel outside the United States and need Travel Medical Insurance, please call us for a quote prior to your trip.

Individuals who obtain coverage through us also receive dedicated assistance with benefit information and claims support. We are your direct contact for all your Medicare, Long Term Care and Travel insurance needs.

Best of all, working with our firm does not cost you a penny.  We are compensated by the insurance company, but the amount you pay for coverage is the same whether you use our firm or go directly to the carrier.